How Your Dentist Can Turn Back the Clock

In the past, if you were unlucky enough to get a cavity and it wasn't treated in time, the dentist would simply pull out the tooth and send you on your way. If you're from an older generation and have several gaps in your teeth, you may be able to fix this situation, even though this is many years later. Why should you take advantage of the latest changes in the industry and introduce some dental implants?

Starting Off

Today, this is the first choice for people who present themselves to the dentist with missing teeth, especially as the procedure is now very advanced. The components used in implant technology centre around the titanium post, which is embedded into the bone, and this material is known to blend in well with the body's natural tissue. Once introduced, the post will create a very strong and permanent base for the new tooth.

Building Up the Base

Years ago, dentists did not have access to the technology they do now and may have faced a challenge when a particular tooth had been missing for quite some time. However, today dentists can restore the area.

To begin with, the dentist will increase the volume of the bone in the area, reversing its tendency to shrink away. This will make the whole area more receptive to the implant.

Initially, it may be necessary to graft a very small amount of material into the area underneath the gum tissue, which will help the body to promote regeneration. After this simple procedure is finished, the body's natural healing mechanism will come into effect and, shortly after, the dentist can move on to the next stage.

Intricate Detail

You may notice some sophisticated equipment in your dental surgery these days, and this is designed to take very detailed digital images of the inside of your mouth. This data is provided in three-dimensions, so the dentist can plan exactly where he or she is going to insert the titanium post. Once this phase is finished, your mouth will be allowed to heal, before you return for the crowning achievement.

Space-Age Crown

In the meantime, details will have been sent to a laboratory to create the crown, which will be affixed to the titanium post. This will be made from the latest material and is designed to look exactly like the other teeth that surround it. Furthermore, it will be at least as strong as they are, and your implant can be expected to last for a very long time.

Your Turn

If you want a new lease of life and would like to restore a full complement of teeth once again, ask your dentist about the latest implant technology.