How to Protect Your Baby From Oral Bacteria

While your toothless darling's oral hygiene may not be high on your priority list in the first months after you give birth, this is something you should think about from day one. Babies aren't born with the kinds of bacteria in their mouths that can give them dental problems later like tooth decay; however, these bacteria may be introduced into a baby's system via the people who look after them. Read More 

Angular Cheilitis: Are Your False Teeth Making Your Lips Crack?

If you have sore areas of skin around the corners of your mouth that become cracked and painful, then you may be suffering from angular cheilitis. This condition is typically caused by a yeast infection that takes hold in folds of skin around your mouth that may be exposed to moisture. In some cases, your dentures may be at the root of the infection rather than a medical issue. How can you tell if your dentures are giving you angular cheilitis? Read More 

Does Oil Pulling Cure Bad Breath?

If you're having problems dealing with bad breath, you may find that oil pulling helps freshen up your mouth and makes it smell better. How does oil pulling work on your breath and is it the best solution to use for halitosis problems? Where Does Bad Breath Come From? Bad breath may be a relatively temporary problem that is caused by your diet. For example, if you eat something that has a lot of onions in it, the onions may linger on your breath the next day. Read More 

Toothache: Causes of Dental Pain and Care Guidelines

Dental pain or a toothache can occur in the teeth and other oral structures supporting them. This type of problem is normally caused by dental diseases and disorders, although the pain can sometimes be referred to oral structures by other non-dental conditions. The pain experienced from a toothache can be mild or severe, and the treatment will depend on the causes. The ache can be spontaneous or constant and it will be often accelerated by extreme temperature or pressure. Read More 

Decay on Baby Teeth: To Fill or Not to Fill

If your dentist finds signs of decay on your child's baby teeth, you'd expect a filling to follow. Although some people may not see the point of treating problems in baby teeth, it's still important to take care of any problems that arise with these teeth. However, in some cases, your dentist may see decay but opt not to fill. Why Fill Baby Teeth? Some people believe that there isn't any point treating baby teeth in the same way as you'd treat adult teeth given their relatively short life span. Read More