Can Cosmetic Dentistry Protect Your Health as Well as Your Appearance?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with investigating cosmetic dental procedures for the sake of your appearance alone, as no one likes to feel as if they need to hide their mouth or their smile when they're with other people. However, there are some procedures that actually protect your own health as well as your appearance.

Many people don't equate the appearance or condition of their teeth with their overall health or even their oral health, but note a few ways that cosmetic dentistry procedures can protect both.

1. Cosmetic Dentistry Can Protect You from Germs & Bacteria

Your mouth naturally harbors germs and bacteria from the foods you eat; even after a good brushing and rinsing, germs and bacteria will still remain. While these are not dangerous in small amounts, when you have a buildup of bacteria or germs in your mouth, this can lead to an increased risk of gum disease and eventual tooth loss.

You can harbor more germs and bacteria that what is healthy if you have a missing tooth; the open pockets of the gums are a natural catch-all for germs and bacteria, and because they're often sore, they may be more difficult to brush and keep clean. Severely chipped or broken teeth can also harbor germs and bacteria as these settle into the dentin, the exposed tissue that is under the tooth's surface.

A dental implant can replace missing teeth; this is a false tooth that screws into the gum line permanently. Caps, bonding and veneers can also cover broken or chipped teeth, often in just a few visits to a cosmetic dentist's office.

2. Cosmetic Dentistry Can Protect You from Bone Loss

When a tooth is missing, this can lead to bone loss in your jaw. How so? The roots of the tooth keep the bones stimulated and provide for better blood circulation, but when you're missing a tooth and this root is no longer there, the bones of the jaw in that area can become soft. In turn, other teeth begin to shift into the area of the missing tooth and their roots may become loose, leading to even more tooth loss and bone loss.

Bone loss in the jaw can mean that the shape of the face changes even to the point of struggling to speak properly, and this may also interfere with proper eating habits as it may become difficult to chew food on that side of the mouth. In addition to losing more teeth, your overall health may suffer because of not getting proper nutrition. A dental implant can protect you from this bone loss and risk of losing more teeth.