Why Have Your Dentures Suddenly Developed Cracks?

Some cracks in dentures have obvious causes. For example, if you drop your teeth or bite down on something too hard that catches your denture in the wrong way, your dentures may crack or fracture. However, sometimes you can start to notice small lines or cracks on your false teeth even though nothing untoward has happened to them. Why are your dentures cracking for no apparent reason and is this a problem that needs fixing?

Causes of Cracks in Dentures

One of the most common causes of out-of-the-blue cracking in dentures is a bad fit. If your dentures don't fit snugly in your mouth, they are likely to be exposed to abnormal levels of stresses and strains every time you eat. Over time, your dentures may therefore start to show small cracks or fracture lines on or around these areas of excess pressure.

Alternatively, dentures may also show crack patterns or lines as they age even if the fit still feels fine for you. While dentures are made from strong materials, these materials may become weaker and more prone to general damage over time.

Dealing With Cracks in Dentures

It's important not to ignore any small crack lines in dentures if you spot them. These cracks are a sign that your dentures are becoming damaged. If you leave this damage untreated now, it may get worse. While your dentures may be in one piece at the moment, the weakened areas that show cracks might fracture in time leaving you with a completely broken denture that needs fixing or replacing.

Bear in mind that it's best not to try to fix denture crack damage yourself as DIY fixes may cause more damage to your teeth. If you notice any cracks or new lines on your dentures, you should take them to your dentist. Your dentist can assess whether the damage needs to be or can be fixed or prevented from getting worse.

For example, if your dentures are cracking because they don't fit very well any longer, your dentist may be able to extend their life span by relining your teeth to give you a better fit. This may prevent further stress to the teeth. If your dentist feels that the cracks are too invasive and are likely to cause your teeth to break shortly, or if your dentures are so old that they are beyond repair, you may be advised to get a new set of teeth sooner rather than later.