3 Eating Habit Changes To Prevent The Occurrence Of Tooth Decay

Many people fail to understand that the root cause of tooth decay comes from the type of food consumed, especially with the array of processed, high-sugar products available in most supermarkets. Changing your eating habits can make a big difference to the health of your teeth, so consider these in your quest to prevent the occurrence of tooth decay.

Stay Away From Processed And Canned Foods

While processed foods are designed to make cooking easier and foods tastier, they can cause considerable damage to your teeth over time because of the type of preservatives and ingredients used. Instead, try to eat as much fresh food as possible, including leafy green vegetables (broccoli, kale, lettuce), fruits (mangoes, figs, bananas, apples), seafood (sardines, salmon, barramundi) and farm-grown meats (beef, lamb, chicken). These fresh foods contain a great deal of nutrients and antioxidants that not only aid with easier digestion, but cause minimal harm to your teeth. At the same time, they also help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Make sure you avoid GMO and pesticide-treated foods because your body doesn't know how to properly process these constituents.

Stay Away From Too Many Acidic Foods

Tooth decay often occurs because of too much acidity in foods, especially when your saliva isn't kept alkaline enough to protect your teeth. Consider foods rich in magnesium and calcium (fresh vegetables, lentils and nuts) to maintain stronger alkaline levels. Eating organic foods with minimal preservatives will help to maintain a good balance in your body and in your mouth, while reducing the possibility of tooth decay. They also provide the vitamins, calcium and magnesium necessary to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Avoid Consuming Liquids While Eating

Limit any fluids while eating because this can interfere with the process of digestion by slowing it down. This enables the build up of toxic waste even if you are eating healthy foods – causing tooth decay over time.  Eating without drinking anything allows food to digest more easily, which in turn helps to protect your teeth from decaying because lof reduced residue on them. You can choose to consume a glass of water either before or much after you eat to protect and maintain healthy teeth for longer periods. You'll also want to avoid sugary drinks like fruit juices and sodas as much as possible because processed sugar can trigger tooth decay quickly.

Changing your eating habits can help reduce tooth decay considerably. Make sure you seek advice from a professional dentist if you notice that your teeth are starting to wear out.