The Character of Cuspids: How Veneers Can Bring Out the Personality of Cuspids

Your cuspid teeth, which are also known as canine teeth, play an important role in your day to day dealings with people. That's because cuspid teeth are said to reveal the personality of the person they belong to. For instance, cuspid teeth with rounded or flattened tips, signify a passive personality.

With that said, not everyone's personality matches that of their cuspid teeth. That doesn't mean you can't alter them so that they add to your character. In fact, quite a few patients choose to put veneers on just their cuspids. With this small addition, a person could well become more successful at work and in their social life.

If you are thinking of getting veneers for your cuspid teeth, the following advice may help you decide what shape and size you would like them to be.

Prominent Cuspids Are Powerful

Are your cuspid teeth small and rounded? If so, then the personality that your smile projects is one of passiveness or timidity. To give your smile a subtle dash of power, a cosmetic dentist can fashion veneers that make your cuspids appear longer, larger and more pointed than they really are.

Male primates such as gorillas and chimpanzees, are considered dominant if their cuspids are longer and sharper than those of the other males. It is thought that primitive humans may have also viewed cuspid teeth in this manner. Whether male or female, if you want your smile to radiate power, use veneers to increase the size and sharpness of your cuspids.

Cuspids Project Your Character

When choosing the shape and size of your veneers, consider the message you wish for your smile to convey. Do you want to appear cute and cuddly? Then choose veneers for your cuspids that are rounded and dainty in appearance. Do you feel like your smile is a little too menacing? Then go for veneers with flat or round edges.

You can even select a shade of colour that enhances the quality you desire your smile to display. However, to do this, you will also need to whiten the rest of your teeth to ensure they match the colour of your veneers.

Find a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist

You'll stand a much better chance of achieving the look you want if you take the time to seek out a cosmetic dentist who skilled in the art of smile design. Some dentists will guide you through the selection process, offering suggestions to help you better decide. Others will let you choose from a smile library.

If your canines are giving off the wrong impression about you, veneers are the answer. Once you get the shape and size veneers you desire, you should get at least 10-15 years out of them. For more information, contact a cosmetic dentist near you.