Don’t Let Teenage Experiences Put You Off—Wearing Braces is Much Easier in Adulthood

If you had braces when you were younger, you probably hoped you'd never have to go through the process of wearing them ever again. For some people, however, there is a need to have them once again as an adult. This could be because you didn't follow guidelines properly with wearing a retainer or other necessities, or simply because your teeth have undergone a slight shift as you've aged.

Luckily, most people find the process of having adult braces is quite different from any previous experience. In fact, you should find it a great deal easier, and here's why.

Braces have changed

If you wore braces a while back, there's a good chance they were the traditional wire type that most people imagine when they think of braces. Nowadays, there are plenty of other options, including lingual braces and Invisalign.

These newer forms are more comfortable to wear, less noticeable and sometimes get faster results, so your experience this time around will be quite different.

Things are less embarrassing as an adult

As a teenager, everything is embarrassing, and fitting in with your peers is highly important. Things are more relaxed as an adult, so you're more able to take wearing braces in your stride and feel positive about them. Your friends won't care and even if you do get a bit of gentle teasing, it won't be as horrifying as it was when you were younger.

You're more responsible

It takes dedication and a lot of care to look after your teeth while you wear braces, and make sure you get the right results. This is vastly easier when you're an adult because you have a better sense of responsibility and more practice at taking care of yourself. All the brushing, flossing and rinsing is more manageable when you have a sensible attitude.

Your diet is probably more suitable

Certain foods play havoc with braces, making them more difficult to care for and increasing the likelihood of damage. A lot of these foods, like sticky lollies and sugary drinks, may be off your menu as an adult, or at least much less significant than when you were younger.

You'll appreciate the end goal better

If you've chosen to get braces again as an adult, you'll have done so because you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. When you had them as a teen, you might not have even wanted them, and you probably had less appreciation for the straighter teeth they would give you. A deeper understanding of the point of it all makes it more bearable and keeps you committed to your braces.