Do your dentures need a rapair?

For most people, planning and eating a meal is easy. You simply go to the cupboard and select whatever ingredients you need to prepare your dish. When it is ready, you sit and eat it without any difficulty. However, if you have teeth that are damaged or missing, then you soon realise that what may seem like a simple procedure actually relies on a strong set of teeth to make the operation successful. If you lack teeth, then perhaps you have been thinking about asking for a set of dentures to help you to eat more easily.

Take care of your dentures

Dentures can quickly become an essential part of your existence, enabling you to chew food and to eat meals without worrying about whether your gums will be able to successfully bite through the food. With most people eating three meals a day as well as snacks, dentures will always get a lot of use and it's inevitable that your dentures will start to display signs of wear. You might accidentally drop them and cause them to snap when you are taking them out for cleaning but they could also simply break during normal use. Alternatively, you could discover that the shape of your mouth alters over time and your dentures are no longer fitting tightly in your mouth.

Fixing your dentures

When your dentures break, you can't afford to spend a long time arranging for them to be repaired. You must find a denture repair clinic that can undertake the work without delay. It is essential that you visit the denture repair clinic to have the work carried out rather than trying to effect a repair yourself. Some denture wearers try to make a temporary denture repair using superglue but that is a really bad idea. Not only is superglue chemically toxic and unsuitable for putting in your mouth but it can actually make the problem worse. Superglue can melt the edges of the break during the 'repair' process, preventing a proper repair taking place at a later date.

Have your dentures broken?

Instead of attempting a home repair, you should gather together all the pieces of your broken dentures and take them to your nearest denture repair clinic. The clinic will have the skills and the tools to make the needed repair. In the event that the denture repair clinic determines that your dentures are beyond economic repair, they will be able to advise you on the best way to obtain a replacement set instead.

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