Secrets to Maintaining a Dazzling Smile

It's no big secret that one of the first features a person notices about you is your smile. However, the routes to securing that elusive dazzling smile can sometimes feel secretive in themselves. Here are a few hidden tips that you can explore.  

Avoid DIY Remedies

It's easy to see why DIY teeth whitening remedies are tempting. They usually cost less than traditional dentistry methods. But, as is often the case when you need professional treatments, cheaper rarely means better. DIY remedies can lack the ingredients you need to help your teeth reach their full potential. If they do contain said ingredients, they may harm your oral health. Although DIY remedies are also more convenient than visiting a dentist, a lack of effort usually means a lack of results. Overall, you could find yourself spending money on something that has zero benefits.

Dodge the Carbonates

It's easy to get your hands on tooth powders featuring carbonates. Those who sell them may claim that they act as a natural and effective alternative to traditional toothpaste. However, while their natural properties may not cause major harm, they're unlikely to deliver benefits either. As the powders are abrasive, they could make the distribution of enamel across your teeth less even. In turn, this may make them less shiny. Carbonate-based powders may also lack the ingredients you need to benefit your oral health overall. Due to a lack of protective ingredients, they could increase your risk of gum disease, which in turn can make your smile look duller.

Eat Raw Fruit and Veg

Eating raw fruits and vegetables benefits your health overall. In their raw forms, they also naturally clean your teeth as the day goes on. If you're going to take this approach, make sure you tip your nutritional balance more towards vegetables than fruits, though. As fruits contain naturally occurring sugars, they can feed the bad bacteria in your mouth. It's also wise to avoid fruit that's particularly acidic, such as grapefruit. Too much acid can strip enamel away from your teeth, which in turn dulls your smile.

Speak to a Dentist

Self-help is always a marvellous approach, particularly when you're focusing on healthy methods. However, your dentist is the best person to perform a professional assessment of your teeth and identify what you need to make your smile dazzle. From scaling and polishing to professional tooth whitening, there's a lot they can do to improve your aesthetic and boost your confidence.

Contact a dental service near you to learn more about dentistry and your options.