How to Prepare For Your Next Visit to the Dentist

Dentist's appointments aren't just for teeth cleaning and cavities anymore. During a routine check-up, your dentist gets to assess the overall condition of your mouth and gums. It is a crucial part of preventive care. The oral professional can also utilise this time to note any improvements that were made since your last visit. However, due to the strict nature of their schedule, dentists can only meet with their patients for a limited time. Read More 

Endodontic Procedures: Three Sedation Options for Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment might be necessary if the pulp in your tooth has become infected or inflamed. The pulp consists of blood vessels, nerves and soft tissues which are essential for the nourishment of teeth. Unfortunately, the living nature of this material makes it vulnerable to infections. The potential causes include dental decay, cracked tooth structure and even recurrent treatments. If you have such a condition, your dentist will recommend removal of the infected material through root canal therapy. Read More 

How to Combat Irritation Caused By Wearing Braces

Some people complain of some irritation in the cheeks and lips during the first weeks when braces have just been fitted into their mouths. Such people can alleviate that irritation by implementing some suggestions. This article discusses some of those helpful measures. Salt Water Rinses You can get short-term relief from the discomfort of wearing braces for the first time by using a salt water rinse. Simply mix about a teaspoon of table salt into a cup of lukewarm water. Read More 

Teeth Whitening and Pregnancy: Is it Safe to Whiten Your Teeth while Pregnant?

It is often said that when pregnant, women appear more radiant than usual, and science tells us that this is down to the skin receiving more blood and oil during pregnancy. However, this healthy glow does not extend to the teeth. If you are currently pregnant but still enjoying an active social life, you may be wondering if it is okay to whiten your teeth. After all, your skin, hair and nails look amazing. Read More 

The Sinister Truth Behind Natural Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you're a fan of natural health, you might have heard this popular myth: crushing up strawberries, mixing them with baking soda, and smearing the resulting paste all over your teeth can give you a whiter smile. The idea is that the malic acid that is naturally present in the fruit can dissolve stains from tooth enamel, leaving teeth white and shiny. However, the truth about this natural remedy is far more sinister. Read More