Orthodontics: Traditional Braces Versus Lingual Braces

Braces have for a long time been the most popular orthodontic treatment worldwide. Today most orthodontic clinics offer two types of braces; traditional braces and lingual braces. Traditional braces are the ones that go over the teeth (on the outside) while lingual braces are installed behind the teeth (on the inside). If you are planning to get braces, learn how these two different types of braces compare. Effectiveness Both traditional and lingual braces are effective if applied to correct the right dental misalignments. Read More 

Why Have Your Dentures Suddenly Developed Cracks?

Some cracks in dentures have obvious causes. For example, if you drop your teeth or bite down on something too hard that catches your denture in the wrong way, your dentures may crack or fracture. However, sometimes you can start to notice small lines or cracks on your false teeth even though nothing untoward has happened to them. Why are your dentures cracking for no apparent reason and is this a problem that needs fixing? Read More 

Finding the Right Dentist for Your Needs

For some people, a trip to the dentist is a regular thing. For most, however, this is a terrifying experience and as such, they tend to put it off until they are facing a dental emergency. This is not the right way to go about it. To make this experience less traumatic, it is advisable to already have someone that you are familiar with. This way you can be going for regular check-ups that will eventually ease your mind about dental appointments. Read More 

Taking Your Child on Road Trips: 3 Dental Tips for Maintaining that Perfect Smile

To fully enjoy all of the beautiful landscape that Australia has to offer, take a road trip. There are a lot of places to go, especially when you consider the fact that Australia's Highway 1 is the longest in the world, as it spans over 25,000 kilometers. A family road trip with the kids can be a lot of fun; however, it's important that you take extra precautions in maintaining the children's dental health when on the road, as dental health is easily neglected. Read More 

5 Factors That Can Increase Your Chance of Suffering from Tooth Decay

Several factors may explain why one individual who is more vigilant about oral hygiene may suffer from more episodes of tooth decay when compared to another person who isn't as vigilant about dental hygiene. This article discusses some of those risk factors that contribute to the development of tooth decay. Oral Bacteria Oral bacteria feed on the food particles that stick to the teeth. That bacteria secretes acids that can gradually erode the surface of the teeth until the living tissues inside the teeth are exposed to the microbes. Read More