Why Does Your Dentist Want to Fit Veneers on the Back of Your Teeth?

If you have a lot of dental erosion on the backs of your front teeth, then your dentist will talk you through treatment options. During this chat, your dentist may float the idea of putting some lingual veneers on the back of these teeth. You thought that veneers were only ever used on the front of teeth, so you're a little surprised. What are lingual veneers, and why does your dentist think they're a viable solution for your dental problems? Read More 

How to Get Your Children to Safeguard Their Teeth from Injury

Children have the right to think that they are indestructible. After all, they haven't encountered many of the worries of life and haven't yet absorbed the overwhelming negativity that can sometimes hold them back from taking bold action. This time of life is supposed to be exciting and full of promise, and parents should, to an extent, give their kids some headway as they explore their limitations. Having said that, a certain amount of prudence is also called for, especially when it comes to their health. Read More 

How Your Dentist Can Turn Back the Clock

In the past, if you were unlucky enough to get a cavity and it wasn't treated in time, the dentist would simply pull out the tooth and send you on your way. If you're from an older generation and have several gaps in your teeth, you may be able to fix this situation, even though this is many years later. Why should you take advantage of the latest changes in the industry and introduce some dental implants? Read More 

Why Sugar Could Be Even Worse for You Than Initially Thought

Could you be facing an additional threat to your teeth whenever you drink or eat foods that contain high amounts of sugar? Some experts believe that this popular ingredient is even more damaging to the health of your mouth than initially thought, due to the way that your body deals with it at the moment of consumption and shortly after that. If you love packaged fruit juices, energy boosts or sports beverages, you could be asking for trouble, and you may face the prospect of more dental work if you're not careful. Read More 

What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Visiting a cosmetic dentist is not just a privilege reserved for the rich and famous, as many of today's cosmetic dentistry procedures are very affordable and may be faster and more comfortable than you realize. A cosmetic dentist can also fix a wide range of dental issues, so you can have a beautiful smile in very little time, even within just one visit! If you're thinking about having your teeth fixed, note a few factors to consider about cosmetic dentistry so you know if this professional offers the right services for you. Read More