Dental Implants Recovery Tips

What Do Dental Hygienists Do?

You may have been referred to a dental hygienist by your dentist and wonder what they can do for your oral health that another healthcare professional cannot. In short, dental hygienists are highly-trained at specific jobs that relate to the care of your gums and teeth. They will have studied in many areas of dental healthcare including, pathology, preventative dentistry and physiology, to name but a few. Any medical referral can be a bit worrying, but there is no cause for alarm when receiving one to a dental hygienist. Read More 

When You Shouldn’t Put Off Seeing an Emergency Dentist

If you see a dentist regularly, you may assume that some dental problems can be put off until your next appointment when you might actually be facing a dental emergency that should be handled as soon as possible. If you're ever in doubt as to whether or not something is an oral health emergency, you want to err on the side of caution and see a dentist as soon as possible, but note some times when it's especially vital that you visit your dentist's office right away. Read More 

Do You Know How to Smile?

This seems like a crazy question, as smiling surely is something that everyone does naturally as they go through daily life. However, life can be complicated, challenging and downright mean. Many people go through life on a daily basis seemingly without any genuine reason to smile, which is very sad. What can you do to smile more and why is it important? Smiling in Society People who get into the habit of smiling in a most sincere way tend to be more popular. Read More 

The Pros and Cons of Having Gold Crowns

Crowns are fixed over or onto existing teeth or implants in order to cover any areas of damage. There are several different kinds of materials used for dental crowns, including gold. Dental professionals have been using crowns made from cast gold for well over a thousand years, and the material still brings many benefits, even though it may seem like one that should have been replaced by newer alternatives. That said, gold crowns certainly aren't for everyone. Read More 

Orthodontics: Traditional Braces Versus Lingual Braces

Braces have for a long time been the most popular orthodontic treatment worldwide. Today most orthodontic clinics offer two types of braces; traditional braces and lingual braces. Traditional braces are the ones that go over the teeth (on the outside) while lingual braces are installed behind the teeth (on the inside). If you are planning to get braces, learn how these two different types of braces compare. Effectiveness Both traditional and lingual braces are effective if applied to correct the right dental misalignments. Read More