Dental Implants Recovery Tips

5 Foods That Can Help You Keep Your Gums Healthy

Part of your oral hygiene routine throughout the day should include your gums. Your gums perform several important functions, such as to protect the roots of your teeth from tooth decay. And the healthier your gums are, the better they look. Food can also serve to keep your gums in good condition too. To keep your gums healthy and to keep conditions like gum disease at bay, eat the following five foods as often as possible. Read More 

Key Factors That Determine the Cost of Complete Dentures

Laughter and a smile are some of the best things in life, yet they do not cost a penny. However, you need your pearly whites intact to smile or laugh with confidence. Sadly, people with missing teeth cannot afford a confident smile, but complete dentures can restore a patient's smile and laughter. Notably, the cost of full dentures depends on various factors. This post explores critical factors that determine the cost of complete dentures. Read More 

Closing the Gaps Between Your Teeth

A diastema (a gap between teeth) isn't a dental condition that necessarily requires treatment. For some people, a proportionate gap between two centralised teeth (generally the upper central incisors) can be part of their trademark look. However, a diastema isn't always localised or proportionate. You might have erratic, uneven gaps between your teeth. It's likely that you simply got used to your smile, especially if the placement of your teeth hasn't caused any dental problems. Read More 

Should You Get A Root Canal Or Tooth Extraction?

If you have a decayed or severely infected tooth, you'll typically have three options. You can leave the tooth as it is, get a root canal treatment or extract it. Each of these options has its perks and detriments. However, the only two options you should consider are root canal treatment or extraction.  Here is a breakdown of both options. Cost It's cheaper to have a tooth removed than to preserve it. Read More 

3 Advantages of Dentures Over Dental Implants

Whether you have lost one tooth, several teeth, or even all your natural teeth, there are replacement options that can help you to live a more normal life. Traditionally, dentures were the popular choice for people who no longer have any of their own teeth left, but recently, dental implants have started to gain popularity. Here are three reasons why you might prefer to opt for dentures, even when it seems like dental implants are all the rage. Read More