Dental Implants Recovery Tips

What Are Dental Services?

Dental services comprise all the services you might come across in a dental clinic. They include dental examination, dental treatment and dental advice.  Here are some of the most common dental services you might require at one time or another in your lifetime: Dental Filling and Root Canals Failure to maintain good oral hygiene usually leads to bacteria eating at your teeth and causing tooth decay. If you visit your dentist early, you might need a dental service known as a dental filling, where the dentist restructures your crown to repair shallow holes. Read More 

When Your Dentist Tells You That You Have an Overjet

When your upper teeth protrude over your lower teeth, you probably assume that you have an overbite, and you might have decided to do something about it. But what about when your dentist informs you that you actually have an overjet? Overbites and Overjets There are some key similarities between an overbite and an overjet. An overbite occurs when the upper dental arch essentially overhangs the lower arch, making your upper incisors more prominent. Read More 

Is It Possible for a Dental Filling to Fail?

The great thing about dental fillings is the ease and speed with which they correct a problem. You can walk into your dentist's office with a cavity, and walk out before too long without the cavity, safely treated with a dental composite tooth-coloured filling or a dental amalgam metal filling. Needing additional work on a filling is a rare occurrence, but it's not completely impossible. It's mostly deeper or larger fillings that are more likely to experience complications, but these complications can certainly be reversed. Read More 

When You Might Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

The two most common reasons why your dentist may recommend the removal of a wisdom tooth is impaction and severe tooth decay. Impaction – There are circumstances where a wisdom tooth can fail to erupt from your gums correctly (it erupts angled or at the wrong position) or remain embedded inside your gums. Such a wisdom tooth can cause many problems if left untreated; your dentist mostly recommends dental surgery to remove the tooth. Read More 

Do your dentures need a rapair?

For most people, planning and eating a meal is easy. You simply go to the cupboard and select whatever ingredients you need to prepare your dish. When it is ready, you sit and eat it without any difficulty. However, if you have teeth that are damaged or missing, then you soon realise that what may seem like a simple procedure actually relies on a strong set of teeth to make the operation successful. Read More