Dental Implants Recovery Tips

3 Eating Habit Changes To Prevent The Occurrence Of Tooth Decay

Many people fail to understand that the root cause of tooth decay comes from the type of food consumed, especially with the array of processed, high-sugar products available in most supermarkets. Changing your eating habits can make a big difference to the health of your teeth, so consider these in your quest to prevent the occurrence of tooth decay. Stay Away From Processed And Canned Foods While processed foods are designed to make cooking easier and foods tastier, they can cause considerable damage to your teeth over time because of the type of preservatives and ingredients used. Read More 

Seashells, Titanium, Alzheimer’s Medication: The Then, Now, and Possible Future of Teeth Replacement

Your dentist will undoubtedly tell you that prevention is better than a cure when it comes to the degradation and possible loss of your natural teeth. While you might practise impeccable dental hygiene, a tooth can still be lost or damaged in an accident, so that cure might still be necessary despite your best efforts. While a missing tooth can be "cured" by a contemporary dental implant, it's interesting to note that early dentists have been attempting to do the same thing for centuries now. Read More 

When Should Teething Symptoms Be Cause For Concern?

Although it's a natural part of growth and something that all babies are expected to go through, teething can be quite painful and traumatic. Seeing a baby in discomfort is also quite stressful and upsetting for parents. As long as everything goes well, the teething period will eventually be over and your child won't be left with any lasting trauma. However, it's a good idea to watch out for any signs that there might be a problem. Read More 

How to Prepare For Your Next Visit to the Dentist

Dentist's appointments aren't just for teeth cleaning and cavities anymore. During a routine check-up, your dentist gets to assess the overall condition of your mouth and gums. It is a crucial part of preventive care. The oral professional can also utilise this time to note any improvements that were made since your last visit. However, due to the strict nature of their schedule, dentists can only meet with their patients for a limited time. Read More 

Endodontic Procedures: Three Sedation Options for Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment might be necessary if the pulp in your tooth has become infected or inflamed. The pulp consists of blood vessels, nerves and soft tissues which are essential for the nourishment of teeth. Unfortunately, the living nature of this material makes it vulnerable to infections. The potential causes include dental decay, cracked tooth structure and even recurrent treatments. If you have such a condition, your dentist will recommend removal of the infected material through root canal therapy. Read More