Understanding The Impact Of Bulimia On Your Dental Health

If you're struggling with bulimia, your dentist is probably not top of your list of people to discuss your illness with. However, they can support you to maintain your dental health, so let them know. Your dentist will not divulge anything you share with them to colleagues or other patients but can advise you on steps you can take to protect your teeth and gums from the corrosive hydrochloric acid they are exposed to when you vomit. Read More 

Common Treatments For Gum Disease

Spitting blood after tooth-brushing, discoloration of the gums and bad breath are a few symptoms of gum disease, the mildest form of which is gingivitis. Often, gingivitis does not cause any pain, but if left untreated, it can progress to a more serious and painful gum disease called periodontitis, with the risk of tooth loss, abscesses and destruction of the jawbone around the teeth. If gingivitis is caught in its early stages, it is straightforward to treat, and good dental hygiene can prevent any future occurrence. Read More 

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Protect Your Health as Well as Your Appearance?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with investigating cosmetic dental procedures for the sake of your appearance alone, as no one likes to feel as if they need to hide their mouth or their smile when they're with other people. However, there are some procedures that actually protect your own health as well as your appearance. Many people don't equate the appearance or condition of their teeth with their overall health or even their oral health, but note a few ways that cosmetic dentistry procedures can protect both. Read More 

Scared Of That Injection? How New Technology Helps To Alleviate Fears

Most people agree that one of the more unpleasant aspects associated with a trip to the dentist is the feeling when you get an injection. However, it's likely that you are misunderstanding the source of the discomfort. What's the real reason you're worried about that shot, and how are new developments helping to eliminate any pain? It May Not Be The Needle The vast majority of dentists are able to administer local anaesthetic before a procedure without causing too much discomfort to the patient. Read More 

Which Tooth Implant Procedure Works for You?

Tooth loss following periodontal disease or trauma calls for a prosthodontist in establishing the best implant procedure to be undertaken on a patient. Most people seeking these tooth implant procedures are often in the dark about the available options to choose from. You need to know the procedures on offer and what they entail before making a decision on which to settle on. Here, you will learn about the types of the implants available, the surgical specifications for each type and the aspects considered before any operation is considered. Read More