Ultrasonic Dental Cleanings: What They Are and Why They Are the In-thing in the General Dentistry Field

Periodic dental check-ups facilitate constant monitoring and assessment of the patient's oral health and overall health. One of the things that may be done by a general dentist during routine check-ups is professional teeth cleaning. This type of dental cleaning is usually performed to complement the patient's at-home efforts to keep their mouth clean and healthy through daily brushing and flossing routines.  As new dental technologies continue to emerge, many progressive dental hygienists are constantly adopting new techniques of making dental cleanings safer and more comfortable than ever before. Read More 

Two situations in which you may need emergency dental treatment

If you find yourself in either of the following situations, you should locate and book an appointment with an emergency dentist immediately. You have knocked out a tooth One of the most common reasons people find themselves in need of the help of an emergency dentist is because one of their teeth has been knocked out. This are several reasons why this type of dental injury requires emergency treatment. Firstly, it often results in gum lacerations, which can allow dangerous pathogens inside the person's mouth to enter their bloodstream, via these open wounds. Read More 

The Character of Cuspids: How Veneers Can Bring Out the Personality of Cuspids

Your cuspid teeth, which are also known as canine teeth, play an important role in your day to day dealings with people. That's because cuspid teeth are said to reveal the personality of the person they belong to. For instance, cuspid teeth with rounded or flattened tips, signify a passive personality. With that said, not everyone's personality matches that of their cuspid teeth. That doesn't mean you can't alter them so that they add to your character. Read More 

3 Eating Habit Changes To Prevent The Occurrence Of Tooth Decay

Many people fail to understand that the root cause of tooth decay comes from the type of food consumed, especially with the array of processed, high-sugar products available in most supermarkets. Changing your eating habits can make a big difference to the health of your teeth, so consider these in your quest to prevent the occurrence of tooth decay. Stay Away From Processed And Canned Foods While processed foods are designed to make cooking easier and foods tastier, they can cause considerable damage to your teeth over time because of the type of preservatives and ingredients used. Read More 

Seashells, Titanium, Alzheimer’s Medication: The Then, Now, and Possible Future of Teeth Replacement

Your dentist will undoubtedly tell you that prevention is better than a cure when it comes to the degradation and possible loss of your natural teeth. While you might practise impeccable dental hygiene, a tooth can still be lost or damaged in an accident, so that cure might still be necessary despite your best efforts. While a missing tooth can be "cured" by a contemporary dental implant, it's interesting to note that early dentists have been attempting to do the same thing for centuries now. Read More