Visiting an Emergency Dentist? Be Ready to Answer These 5 Questions

When you have acute dental pain, visiting an emergency dentist is the right thing to do. They can work out the cause of the pain and offer you treatment to resolve the problem. To make your emergency dentist's job easier, you need to give them accurate information about the pain that you have been feeling. Begin by preparing answers to these five questions. 1. Where is the Pain? The more accurate you can be about the location of your dental pain, the easier it is for an emergency dentist to pinpoint the tooth or place in your gum where the problem lies. Read More 

Important Factors to Remember When Choosing a Dentist

Your oral health is of paramount importance. If you are searching for a dental care practitioner, you need to find the right one. With dozens of practitioners out there, this would require a significant amount of time and a lot of research. To make it easier and faster for you, here are factors to keep in mind when choosing a dentist. Qualifications You should check if the dentist has any certifications or is a member of any associations. Read More 

Don’t Wait: When To Take Your Child To An Emergency Dentist

If you've got kids, you know you need to take care of their teeth. To do that, you know that your kids need to see the dentist at least twice a year. During those semi-annual dental appointments, your kids will have their teeth cleaned. The dentist will also take care of any treatment that might be necessary. However, there may be times when it becomes necessary for your kids to be seen by an emergency dentist. Read More 

What Are Dental Services?

Dental services comprise all the services you might come across in a dental clinic. They include dental examination, dental treatment and dental advice.  Here are some of the most common dental services you might require at one time or another in your lifetime: Dental Filling and Root Canals Failure to maintain good oral hygiene usually leads to bacteria eating at your teeth and causing tooth decay. If you visit your dentist early, you might need a dental service known as a dental filling, where the dentist restructures your crown to repair shallow holes. Read More 

When Your Dentist Tells You That You Have an Overjet

When your upper teeth protrude over your lower teeth, you probably assume that you have an overbite, and you might have decided to do something about it. But what about when your dentist informs you that you actually have an overjet? Overbites and Overjets There are some key similarities between an overbite and an overjet. An overbite occurs when the upper dental arch essentially overhangs the lower arch, making your upper incisors more prominent. Read More