Taking Your Child on Road Trips: 3 Dental Tips for Maintaining that Perfect Smile

To fully enjoy all of the beautiful landscape that Australia has to offer, take a road trip. There are a lot of places to go, especially when you consider the fact that Australia's Highway 1 is the longest in the world, as it spans over 25,000 kilometers. A family road trip with the kids can be a lot of fun; however, it's important that you take extra precautions in maintaining the children's dental health when on the road, as dental health is easily neglected. Read More 

5 Factors That Can Increase Your Chance of Suffering from Tooth Decay

Several factors may explain why one individual who is more vigilant about oral hygiene may suffer from more episodes of tooth decay when compared to another person who isn't as vigilant about dental hygiene. This article discusses some of those risk factors that contribute to the development of tooth decay. Oral Bacteria Oral bacteria feed on the food particles that stick to the teeth. That bacteria secretes acids that can gradually erode the surface of the teeth until the living tissues inside the teeth are exposed to the microbes. Read More 

Living with Dental Implants: A Guide

Dental implants are a perfect solution for damaged or missing teeth. After fitting, your natural smile will be restored and only you and your dentist need ever know that they are there. So, they look great but what about when it comes to using them? Here are our top tips for maintaining oral hygiene with implants and dealing with any post-implant pain.  Fitting pain As with any surgery, there will be soreness and swelling immediately after implantation but this will quickly calm down. Read More 

How Technology Can Help You, If You’re Scared of the Dentist

You may be opting for some cosmetic dentistry procedures at your dentist, but even though this is voluntary it doesn't alter the fact that you are very apprehensive of that needle. This is a common fear, but is it unfounded? What is the real reason behind the discomfort and how might new developments help to eliminate the pain? Get to the "Root" of the Problem While it is true to say that most dentists today can administer the local anaesthetic without it causing too much distress for the patient, it's the initial sensation that sets most people off. Read More 

What Happens If Your Dentures Dry Out?

When you got your new dentures, your dentist is likely to have told you to make sure to keep your teeth moist when you aren't wearing them. While you may have got in the habit of doing this, say by soaking your teeth in water when you aren't wearing them at night, you may occasionally forget to put your dentures in water. Why is this a problem and how can you fix dry dentures? Read More